The artists' cafe Art Café is the only meeting place of the artistic world from Sibiu, since 1997, hosting during this time over 600 exhibitions, tens of live concerts, cafe theater performances, book and record openings and literary nights. Is concomitantly the only place in Sibiu that plays exclusively jazz music.

The concept of artistic cafe was even more defined after the last renovation, thus the new look of the cafe is in keeping with bohemian feelings, with the idea that is always happening something in this place.

The artists’ café Art Café is a space that breaths, one café witch doesn’t offer coffee, bear or juice, but a spiritual state.

Now, Art Café is one of the best ranked exhibition spaces in Sibiu and this position has been gained because of the permanent flow of people that passes through here and the fact that the exhibited art works have to proceed through the exhibition organizers filter and also through the Sibiu’s bohemian world filter.

 Art Café is a nonconventional and nonconformist place, where the “frivolousness” air of the artistic world grows over in the same way even if it’s about a recital of Mirela Zafiri, the soprano, or it’s about a cafe theater performance named “”. Mircea Vintila feels good when he plays in Art Café, the same as Mircea Tiberian or Marta Hristea.






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