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The Art VO Gallery was founded in 2000 and belongs to the same company that manages the artists cafe Art Café Sibiu and the Art Suport store. Now, collaborates with about 400 artists from Romania and abroad, permanently hosting over 800 art works.

The Art VO Gallery is a contemporary art gallery which promotes the romanian contemporary art nationaly and internationaly.

With its own curatorial program, flexible enough to permit collaborations with different artistic structures in the country or abroad, and having three exhibition spaces, the Art VO Gallery wants to be a possible viable solution to connect the artist, the art and the receiver.


The „Art-VO” Gallery situated in Sibiu, no. 10, General Magheru Street, is the only private art gallery in Sibiu and belongs to the same company that manages the artist cafe „Art Cafe” in Sibiu and the „Art-Suport” store.